Food Fix

This weekend I decided to go to Downtown Modesto and try out the restaurant Food Fix. I had always heard of this place because it used to be a food truck and in August of 2019 they expanded and opened up the restaurant. There was so much buzz about this place because it was ranked number 1 on 101Best Food Trucks in America and it was featured on the Food Network (they even have a signed picture in the restaurant with Guy Fieri).

Their main focus is signature sandwiches, so if that is something you are into then you definitely have to check out this place. On the menu, I saw that they had grilled cheese and I love grilled cheese sandwiches but I’m lactose intolerant so I try to stay away from them….but they had a VEGAN option! I was so excited so I definitely ordered that and got a side salad.  Let me tell you vegan cheese and regular cheese are totally different so I was a bit hesitant that I would not like the sandwich. Thanks to Food Fix, I have now found the best vegan grilled cheese I have ever had. It was like I was eating a regular grilled cheese!!

Let’s just say that I will be returning because there were so many different things I wanted to try and my first order with them was amazing!

Written by mloza


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